10 Minute Pregame Prep (Digital Download)


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"10-Minute Pregame Prep" teaches young athletes how to manage the expectations they feel, cope with pregame pressure, and take charge of their confidence before a game or competition–in just 10 minutes a day! 8 ten-minute audio lessons included and 8 parent manuals on each lesson. Our most popular program for young athletes and their parents.

Kids learn how to:

  1. Manage their expectations
  2. Focus on the process
  3. Take charge of their confidence
  4. Trust in their training and win ugly
  5. Let go of mistakes
  6. Stop worrying about what others think
  7. Cope with pregame pressure
  8. Use pregame jitters to their advantage

The sports kids’ audio is an easy-to-understand, step-by-step audio program for young athletes, age 8 to 15. It tells kids the importance of a good pregame mental preparation, what to avoid doing before competition and what to do to mentally prepare.

Your kids learn many sport-specific examples of things kids should be concentrating on—the thoughts, feelings, cues, or images to focus their best.

The audio guides young athletes through eight short lessons that will help them boost their pregame mental preparation and success in sports. Your kids listen to the audio and then complete the exercises for each of the eight lessons.


  • Pregame Prep audio program for kids - 8 mental game lessons.
  • PDF manual for sports parents to learn each of the 8 lessons.
  • Digital download on PDF and MP3.

What Parents Say:

“We just completed the first ten tips, it has helped tremendously for (our daughter) and us. We’ve learned to keep our behavior and comments in check. She’s letting mistakes happen and not worrying about them, she’s now just moves on to the next play with the same attitude as before the mistakes. She’s playing more aggressively all game. Her coach even mentioned that whatever we are doing, keep doing because it’s working.”
~Scott, Sports Dad