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Dr. Patrick Cohn with College Softball Team

Peak Performance Sports, LLC was founded in 1991 by Dr. Patrick Cohn. For more than 30 years, we bring cutting-edge mental training programs to athletes, coaches, and sports parents--to improve performance in sports.

Athletes discover the secrets to thinking like a champion, so you or your athletes can perform like one. Dr. Cohn’s mental training programs for athletes and young athletes  help you or your athletes overcome sports anxiety and deal with competition stress so that you can always perform at your highest level.

If you’re involved in a team sport, our mental training programs and mental toughness seminars for teams or groups will give all your team members the tools they need to be consistently at the top of their game.

Our sports psychology books, audios, and workbook programs are perfect for any athlete, sports parent, or coach. The popular The Confident Athlete and The Confident Sports Kid CD and workbook series combines Dr. Cohn’s 30 plus years of experience as a sports psychology professional working with teams and individual athletes in a variety of sports.

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