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The Confident Sports Kid CD & Workbook program teaches your athletes how to identify confidence busters, proactively deal with them, manage expectations that undermine confidence. Get the CD plus our Athlete and Parent/Coaches manual shipped to you!


  • Athletes’ Step-by-Step Workbook: An easy-to-read illustrated, 56-page workbook for kids aged 8 to 18. Kids learn how to overcome beliefs that hurt their confidence, learn how to control their inner critic and doubt, find out how to see themselves as winners…and more. For each of seven days, kids tackle a specific mission, and then follow our step by step guide for achieving their confidence boosting goal.
  • Audio CD Program for Athletes: An audio program prepared just for young athletes that guides them through all seven days of the workbook exercises and provides additional ideas for completing the training program.
  • Parent/Coach Training Manual: A 62-page manual that teaches parents and coaches how their behavior can undermine or boost kids’ confidence. The manual identifies classic no-no’s in sports parents and coaches. It gives concrete strategies…even suggested phrases and sentences…for communicating better with young athletes to boost their confidence in sports.
  • Audio CD Program #2: Parent/Coach Training Program: An audio program prepared specifically for parents and coaches that takes them through the 7-Day program and offers additional tips from Dr. Patrick Cohn not covered in the manual.

    What Parents Say

    “I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful programs. My son Kai was one of the fastest 10 and under swimmers in Southern California and after he “aged up” to the 11-12 group he really lost confidence swimming against the much faster and bigger boys. He started with the Confident Sports Kids series and really enjoyed each and every lesson. He then started the Composed Kid series and built on the important building blocks that he was using from the first series. I so happy to report that Kai was able to swim to best times in each and every event he swam at the biggest and most important meet of the year in So Cal, the Club Championships. Each race he was more calm, composed, and relaxed. The final race was one that he was ranked last and one of his goals was to try for top 16…he was 49th! He cut over 4 seconds off his time ending up in 17th. He was ecstatic to say the least.”*
    ~DD Bartley

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