Soccer Confidence 2.0 Program (Digital Download)


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Improve Your Focus, Composure and Confidence in Soccer.

“Soccer Confidence 2.0” audio and workbook program teaches you to get a competitive edge in soccer by overcoming a lack of focus, low self-confidence and other mental game obstacles. Learn practical mental strategies to improve your performance in competition.

Learn How to:

  • Manage your strict expectations about your performance.
  • Focus on one touch at a time.
  • Develop proactive confidence, while breaking down your confidence killers.
  • Trust in your skills and stop worrying about what others think.
  • Enhance your training with effective pregame mental prep.

Audio Program Features:

  • 8 sessions of 25 to 30-minute MP3 mental training lessons to help you improve confidence, focus and composure.
  • An 8 session “Soccer Confidence Digital Workbook” to help you practice and apply the mental toughness strategies and individualize the exercises to your needs.
  • 8 “Soccer Confidence Post-Game Assessments” to determine your progress and provide guidance to make adjustments with your mental game.
  • 5 additional bonus programs that make this purchase a no-brainer.

What Soccer Parents Say:

"When our 13-year-old daughter started struggling with the mental aspects of soccer performance, she was in need of help. We were fortunate enough to find "Soccer Confidence" by Dr. Cohn. After participating in the first session, she was hooked on the process and information provided. The exercises were easy to implement and provided a form of structure that she needed to process the new challenges. She now has a new level of soccer confidence! The program has made a huge difference in our daughter's soccer game."
~Kelly Larson

"My son made a lot of progress. His focus has sharpened, and it has translated to his play on the field. His confidence continues to grow as he takes on defenders. There is definitely a tangible difference between how he used to play and how he plays now, and I believe it due in large part to your mental training program.”

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