The Confident Athlete (CDs & Workbook)


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Be in Control of Your Confidence.

“The Confident Athlete” audio and workbook program helps you feel confident before you walk onto the field, track or court. You discover how to have stable and proactive confidence so you can think like a champion.

Learn How to:

  • Transfer practice confidence to competition.
  • Become proactive with your sports confidence.
  • Use positive self-talk to think like a champion.
  • Overcome self-doubt and other confidence killers.
  • Feel cocky on the inside and look confident.

Audio Program Features:

  • CDs packed with confidence-boosting tips.
  • A 68-page workbook to help you practice and apply the mental game strategies and individualize the exercises to your needs.
  • 14 Days of confidence-boosting exercises to solidify each confidence booster and help you easily apply to competition.
  • A daily confidence scoreboard that can be used to score your confidence after every competition.
  • A summary of all confidence action plans you must take to top off your confidence fuel tank.
  • Two additional peak performance bonuses that make this purchase a no-brainer.

What Athletes Say:

“I just finished ‘The Confident Athlete Program.' Improving confidence is a never-ending process. I think that confidence-boosting is an awesome area. Having a daily mental plan for mental 'workouts' can turbocharge anyone’s confidence level…. Studying almost all of Dr. Cohn’s mental game materials gives me a real EDGE over my competitions and most importantly – a boost in my daily life.”
~Radek Sefcik, Peak Performance Sports Customer

“As a result of reading and implementing ‘The Confident Athlete,’ I am once again enjoying golf and letting bad shots roll off my shoulders and appreciating my good shots without attaching expectations. Thanks Dr. Cohn!”
~Stu Blasius, P.G.A. Golf Professional

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