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"The Composed Sports Kid" CD and workbook program for young athletes and their parents or coach helps kids cope with frustration and anger in sports. Help your sports kids learn how to manage expectations and let go of mistakes so they can keep their head in the game. 

The Composed Sports Kid system is really two programs in one–one program to train parents and coaches how to help their kids practice composure, and one program that teaches young athletes–ages 6 to 13–how to improve composure, let go of mistakes quickly, have more self-acceptance, and thus enjoy sports more


  • Athletes’ Step-by-Step Workbook Program (57 pages):A simple-to-follow workbook for young athletes to help them stay organized and easily complete the daily exercises and lesson plan. Kids are guided step-by-step through the workbook to help them stay cool, calm and collected during competition.
  • CD Disc #1 for Athletes: 73-minute CD (or digital download) audio program just for kids that guides them through each of the 7 daily lessons and provides additional suggestions for answers on the exercises. You can listen to the audio in the car or download it to your ipod!
  • Parent/Coach Training Manual (62 Pages): A training manual for parents and coaches to help you guide your athletes through the daily exercises. You’ll learn what your kids are learning and how to help reinforce the lessons.
  • CD Disc #2 – Parent/Coach 78-Minute Training Program An Audio CD (or digital download) for Parents and Coaches that helps you understand the program lessons and transfer your knowledge to your athletes.
  • Plus an additional 6 Bonus Programs available for immediate download after purchase!

What Parents Say

Thank you for the Composed Sports Kid online series you have put together. After going through your weekly course mid-season, we did see marked improvement in his enjoyment of the sport.  I also wanted to tell you how helpful the course was for me being a parent and being completely lost on how to help a highly competitive, sensitive, and emotional kid.  The mini goals altered his focus and helped him to be more emotionally level and he will continue to use them going forward.
~ Ralph Fleck, Sports Parent

“I recently purchased The Composed Sports Kid CD program for my son Jonathan who is 10.  He is a skilled soccer player that was having issues with loss of control on occasion during games. He has really benefited from the program. He carries himself much better these days and even talks about his composure after the game to me before talking about the goals that he scores.”*
~Dave, Sports Parent

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