Arm Pump Solved: Mental Strategies for Motocross (CD)


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Arm Pump Solved: Mental Strategies for Motocross - CD program. Learn how to overcome arm pump by managing your mind on the track! Shipped to you!

Discover the skills to ride free without the tension, which is the real cause of arm pump. You’ll learn…

    1. The top four mental breakdowns that lead to arm pump.
    2. Why some theories about arm pump are dead wrong!
    3. Six mental strategies to help you race your best – free of tension and anxiety.
    4. A step-by-step prerace mental preparation routine to help you get into a confident, focused, and relaxed state of mind when the gate drops.
    5. How to fuel your self-confidence before each moto so you can get on the podium.
    6. How to use mental imagery to race with freedom and composure.


      • 68-minute Audio CD.
      • Bonus prerace mental preparation summary.
      • Bonus: An 18-minute bonus audio prerace relaxation and mental imagery program.
      • Bonus: “The Confidence-Expectation Connection: A Guide to Ridding Yourself of Harmful Expectations” eBook.
      • On CD and digital download.

      What Racers Say:

      “I am absolutely thrilled with your Arm Pump Solved Program. I am listening to it regularly and it made a dramatic improvement in my first race. The penny dropped immediately when I listened to your explanation on trying too hard and fearing failure…. The instant gratification in my first race was magnificent, thank you. This Program is worth 10 times the price to me and I would highly recommend it to any sportsman doing an individual sport.”

      ~Earl Owen

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