Breaking The Baseball Yips Cycle (Digital Download)


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If you can't make short throws, this is a mental game issue and not a physical challenge. "Breaking The Yips Cycle" is a complete with the mental training sessions Dr. Cohn does with his personal coaching students to help them overcome the yips and play with freedom again.

The yips can take all the fun out of your ball game. It can ruin the hard work you put into it. If you’ve had throwing problems for years, all this suffering is really unnecessary. Having helped our athletes overcome the yips, you too can discover how to free up your arm and gain confidence again!


  • Two Audio CDs (CD purchase only). 120 minutes of mental training sessions to help you gain greater freedom, focus on the right performance cues, and simplify your prepitch routines.
  • MP3 Audio (Digital Download). 120 minutes of mental training sessions you can download to your computer right away while you wait for the CDs and workbook to arrive. (MP3 Audio value = $149).
  • An 8-Session Breaking The Yips Cycle Workbook to guide you through my mental game sessions and to overcome the throwing yips (Workbook value: $149.00).
  • Bonus Session: Practice drills to free up your throwing to help you improve consistency and stop focusing on mechanics when you play.
  • Includes 7 bonus programs.

What Golfers Say

“Your response to the throwing problem in front of the coach covers so many situations in life…that is the beauty of playing sports…the life learning experiences. Keep up the good work…you are the best coach.”
~Bill Brennan

“I’ve read so many teachings regarding the yips, and you’re right on. I’ve read articles from top 10 teachers who have supposed cures for the yips, and realize, they don’t even know what the yips are… You know what they are, and I believe you know how to cure them. Thank you for your newsletters.”

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