Golfers Mental Edge Program (CDs & Workbook)


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“The Golfer’s Mental Edge 2.0” is new in 2021. This audio and workbook program helps you overcome a lack of focus, low self-confidence or other mental game obstacles on the course that prevent you from reaching your true potential in golf. Learn the secrets to better focus, confidence and composure that Junior, Collegiate and Tour Professionals use to WIN!

Learn How to:

  • Take your practice game to tournaments.
  • Learn the secrets to proactive confidence before you tee off.
  • Manage confidence killers that hurt momentum.
  • Let go of mistakes to avoid dwelling on past errors.
  • Trust in your golf swing and play functional golf.
  • Develop focused pre-shot routines that set you up for success.

Audio Program Features:

  • 11 mental game sessions of confidence-boosting mental training.
  • An 11-Session Golfer’s Mental Edge Workbook to help you practice and apply the mental game strategies and individualize the exercises to your needs.
  • Additional bonus programs that makes this purchase a no-brainer.

What Golfers Say:

“My confidence level has never been higher! I can’t tell you how clearly I was able to think during all four rounds of tour-school. The simple game plan you gave me really focused me. My confidence level has never been higher during a tournament. No matter how much pressure was on, I was able to control my thoughts and execute. Thank you, Dr. Cohn!”
~Patricia Baxter-Johnson, LPGA Tour

“To play well, you have to believe you can play well. Confidence goes a long way in golf. Patrick has developed a great system for helping me improve confidence and my overall mental approach to golf.”
~Brian Watts, 11-time Winner on the PGA Japan Tour

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