The Mental Edge for Football (Digital Download)


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“The Mental Edge For Football: Mental Toughness Strategies to Improve Performance” Audio and Workbook program is ideal for any youth, collegiate, or pro football players. In addition, football coaches and parents can benefit from this program by helping their athletes learn the strategies provide in “The Mental Edge For Football.”

You’ll learn the top eight mental game lessons for football players – the same lessons we teach one-on-one athletes on the mental game. Improve your mental toughness with sports psychology strategies to perform more consistently in games. Digital download only - PDF workbook and MP3 audio files - immediate download.


  • 9 “Mental Edge For Football” PDF workbook to guide you through my mental toughness sessions and to overcome mental game roadblocks and improve your mindset on the field.
  • 9 “Mental Edge For Football” confidence-boosting sessions on audio. Each 20-25 minute session includes one mental training lesson to help you improve confidence, focus, composure, and develop focused routines.
  • 9 “Mental Edge For Football” Post-Game Assessments to help assess how you are doing and provide the answers to make any adjustments with your mental game.
  • 3 “Mental Edge” bonus programs for setting smart goals and coping with pregame jitters.

What Football Players Say

“After going through a week of practice using your pre-kick routine, I was perfect on three field goals on a muddy field and a windy day in my final college game. Now I am entertaining the idea of trying to enter the professional ranks. Thank you for your help!”
~Nate Littlefield, Collegiate Kicker

“Dr. Cohn, I went 3-3 for 37 yards in the first game of the season. I felt really confident all day and looking forward to more opportunity this weekend! I can definitely tell my mental state has improved from before we started working. I’m feeling great mentally and playing well in practice. I will definitely stay in touch.”
~Kevin Davidson, Collegiate Quarterback

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