Runner's Confidence: Mental Game Strategies for Peak Performance


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“Learn Proven Sport Psychology Strategies to Improve Running Confidence”

We’re on a mission to teach you proven and simple mental performance strategies so you can take your training to races and have proactive confidence in races.

You’ll learn 11 key mental game lessons for runners – the same lessons we teach our personal coaching students, who pay thousands of dollars for our coaching. We’ve made sure that our lessons are easy and effortless for you to learn and improve your mental game.

11 sport psychology lessons using our workbook and audio system:

        Session 1: How to Manage Strict Expectations
        Session 2: How to Refocus When Distracted
        Session 3: How to Fuel Up Your Confidence
        Session 3B: How to Manage Confidence Killers
        Session 4: How to Improve Trust in Your Racing Skills
        Session 5: How to Cope with Challenges During Races
        Session 6: How to Stop Worrying About What Others Think
        Session 7: How to Overcome Fear of Failure
        Session 8: How to Manage the Need to Race Perfectly
        Session 9: How to Mentally Prepare for Races
        Session 10: How to Cope with Prerace Jitters


        “Runner’s Confidence” Workbook and Audio Program Includes:

          *11 PDF workbooks to guide you through my mental training sessions and to overcome mental game roadblocks.
          *11 MP3 audio programs to help you learn and apply the mental training sessions.
          *11 Prerace MP3 audio programs to get you in the right mindset for racing.
          *AND 4 premium bonuses included…

          “Walker’s Come So Far With With His Mental Game”

          “Walker did another medal, 2nd place time of 7:56 in the 2-mile relay. He shattered Doug Butlers and Brevard County school records. You have no idea how far Walker’s come with his mental game! Walker never loses anything. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Cohn for helping Walker!”*
          ~Lesa Hersch, Walker’s Mom