The Confident Figure Skater (Digital Download)


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“The Confident Figure Skater: Mental Game Strategies for Peak Performance” Audio and Workbook digital download program is ideal for any competitive figure skater. In addition, coaches and parents would also be wise to teach the strategies we provide in “The Confident Figure Skater” to their athletes.

  • Figure Skaters: Get the mental edge by learning how to take control of your confidence, mentally prepare for competition, and perform with composure under pressure. Perfect for figure skaters from ages 8 to 18.
  • Coaches: Boost your figure skater’s confidence using simple, proven mental strategies.
  • Parents: Help boost your athlete’s performance. Don’t let their mind hold them back any longer.
  • Mental Coaches: Learn a proven system for helping your athletes boost mental toughness.

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  • 8 confidence-boosting lessons on audio. Each 15-20 minute session includes one mental training lesson to help you improve confidence, focus, composure, and develop focused routines.
  • One workbook to guide you through my mental toughness sessions and to overcome mental game roadblocks.
  • Plus an additional 7 Bonus Programs

What Skaters Say

“Ashley wanted me to let you know that she placed very well at her competition this past weekend, thanks to you! She won the short, won the long, and had her personal best. She now looks at her competitions like ice shows and has fun. It is really nice to see her thoroughly enjoying the skate. She is very focused and very confident. We definitely attribute this to you.”*
~Brenda Glassco, Skating Parent

“I just wanted to let you know that my son skated this weekend at our Regional’s Competition. He worked his mental game and everything you taught him. He skated two wonderful programs and scored a personal best. Thank you for your wonderful training. He had the right focus and had so much fun at this competition. As a parent is it so wonderful to see the difference from last year to this year.”*
~Pam, Skating Parent

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