The Ultimate Sports Parent (Digital Download)


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It’s difficult for sports parents to watch their kids under-perform in sports and lose self-esteem due to fear, doubt and tentativeness. It’s hard to stand idle and watch.

The solutions are not obvious. However, you, as a parent, can learn how to respond to your athletes’ fears, doubts, and frustrations. You can develop happy, successful kids who are “mentally tough” in sports – and life!

In The Ultimate Sports Parent 14-day Audio and Workbook Program, you and your young athlete will learn how to cultivate confidence, focus, and composure in sports! Improve your sports parenting skills with this program.


  • Audio Program: The 160 Minute MP3 program will take you through the top 14 sports parenting lessons.
  • 1 Workbook: The 118 Page PDF Workbook will cover 1 lesson per day in order to help you boost your child's confidence, communicate with coaches, and help sports kids stop worrying about what others think, among many other topics.
  • Plus 4 Bonus Programs

What Parents Say

“The Ultimate Sports Parent Workbook Program totally changed our families approach to sports and I am so very grateful. My boys 7 and 10 are able to deal better with negative coaches, perform without fear, and focus way less results and focus better the process. One boy was amazingly able to regain composure and end the season with a positive attitude. I am on your web site all the time and am currently beginning The Confident Athlete series.”*
~Sarah Bateman, Sports Parent

“The Ultimate Sports Parent program is well designed to help parents and athletes come to terms with developing well rounded student athletes. This workbook will help give athletes and parents the competitive edge.”*
~Mike Maveus, athlete & youth sports coach

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