The Relaxed Athlete (Digital Download)


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Get Mentally Prepared to Have a Relaxed Performance

“The Relaxed Athlete” audio and workbook program teaches you mental strategies to develop a focused and confident pregame routine for a poised and relaxed mindset. Learn how to get your mind right by overcoming pregame anxiety and worry.

Learn How to:

  • Learn a consistent pregame routine to get your game face on.
  • Anticipate challenges and rise to the occasion.
  • Perform relaxed instead of tight with trust in your abilities.
  • Learn how to use pregame jitters to your advantage.
  • Feel challenged instead of anxious or intimidated by the competition.

Audio Program Features:

  • 14 MP3 Audio sessions packed with mental preparation strategies.
  • A 73-page (PDF) workbook to help you practice and apply the mental game strategies and individualize the exercises to your needs.
  • 14 days of unique exercises and actions plans to commit to each strategy and help you take action immediately.
  • A daily exercise to assess your progress and test how well you are engaging with the action plans.
  • Four additional peak performance bonuses that make this purchase a no-brainer – packed with value.

What Athletes Say:

“By far, The Confident Athlete Series is the most powerful tool I’ve used to perform my best. The simple and easy to use program has helped me take my game to the next level.”
~Shaun Burrell, professional surfer

“After completing your program (The Relaxed Athlete)… he was more aware of the things that made him tight. He learned to control his breathing and control his emotions.”
~Mark’s Father


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