The Mental Edge for Ball Players (Digital Download)


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Improve Your Confidence, Focus and Composure on the Ballfield.

“The Mental Edge for Ball Players” audio and workbook program teaches you to get a competitive edge in baseball and softball by overcoming a lack of focus, low self-confidence and other mental game obstacles. Learn practical mental strategies to improve your performance in competition.

Learn How to:

  • Develop proactive confidence prior to games.
  • Overcome outcome expectations that leave you frustrated when you underperform.
  • Refocus quickly when you become distracted during a game.
  • Trust in your skills and stay composed even after you make mistakes.
  • Enhance your training with pregame and pre-pitch mental routines.

Audio Program Features:

  • 8 sessions of MP3 mental training lessons to help you improve confidence, focus and composure.
  • An 8 session “Mental Edge for Ball Players Digital Workbook” to help you practice and apply the mental toughness strategies and individualize the exercises to your needs.
  • 8 Post Game Assessments to help determine your progress and provide guidance to make adjustments with your mental game.
  • 7 additional bonus programs to make this purchase a no-brainer.

What Ball Players Say:

“A quick note to let you know how effective your programs worked for my son who is 17 and plays varsity baseball in VA. In late 2009, I ordered the “Relaxed Athlete Program” for my son because I saw he was pressing too hard at the plate and had disappointing results for his season. Thanks to your programs, my son now has a completely new approach to the game of baseball (and school) and it’s more fun for him now. He made all-district player at his position and hit .443 this season. A complete 180 degree turn around from last year.”
~Mark M., Sports Parent

“I wanted to say that your program is one of the contributing factors that has helped Michelle improve her hitting. Last week she had the most relaxed, confident games at bat ever! The mental exercises have started to make things click. The mental program is something she can practice in other facets of life. I am pleased that we decided to invest in your program: the results are showing.”
~Jim Ellis

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