What Athletes SAY

“I thought Dr. Cohn did a great job with our mental coaching. I won ASF with a score of 9 and won Surfing America Prime. I was able to really tune n my focus and not get distracted during heats."

Nicole Fulford, surfer

“The books/CD’s in ‘The Confident Athlete’ are very good. My swimmer has responded very favorably to them, in fact, her father purchased all three programs. You've done a great job simplifying sports psychology.”

Nick Baker, Peak Performance Swim Camp

“I’ve been doing great using your "Confident Athlete" Program. We’ve achieved great results and excellent consistency. We’ve had some pretty big wins. The program has done wonders for me.”

Diane Wade, Equestrian

Mental Training for Athletes, Coaches, & Parents

Peak Performance Sports helps athletes, coaches, and sports parents improve performance using practical mental game strategies. Improve mental toughness, gain confidence, and overcome slumps to perform more consistently.